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  1. Hello all, I did not see a forum selection for Secure Burn 4 which is why I am in the general forum. I am currently having an issue where I am unable to run Roxio Secure Burn Enterprise 4 on any Windows 10 Build from 1709-1909 unless it has been previously installed on a Windows 10 machine with a build of 1609 and then upgraded to 1909. The program will install and show up in the "programs and features" section, but will not indicate a CD/DVD/Bluray is in the drive when I put in blank Media. When I try to manually run the program, it does nothing. I have tried to even start the Roxio service and then running the program with no change. I have tried compatibility mode and tried running the install through an elevated command prompt. If there is a specific way of installing this software on a machine could you please help me out? I have also contacted Corel about this issue and they just keep on sending me links to the product page.... thank you