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  1. When you start a new production in Videowave and do quite a bit of work on it you should save it before it gets too large as a dmsm file to a folder of your choice that contains ALL of the photos, music, videos etc. all in the same folder. If it stops for some reason and you want to continue working on it later, go to the folder where you save the original and right click on it and open with videowave as your option. I when I do this I usually look for the "DAT" file associated with my particular production (which will have been saved in that same folder) and delete it. Now when you open up the last saved production it will automatically re-establish a new DAT file. that original production you save will never go away (unless you deliberitly delete it) and should be used where you last saved it.

    Burned DVD, want to edit it now, can I and how?

    I do not want to fix the photos, just wanted to take some out and include others and change some of the songs If that's all you want to do Marie, that can be done very easily in Videowave. Just go back and add the original Videowave program you saved and before you sent it to MyDVD. (hopefully you saved it) It will have the extension .DMSM. Removing and/or adding photos in Videowave is simple. So is adding or changing music.

    Burned DVD, want to edit it now, can I and how?

    Bottom line Marie... You have to have a separate program (free or otherwise) that has the ability to remove portions of a video !!! A video is a video. to extract certain portions of it requires a program that can do that. And the only FREE one I know of that can do that is "HD Movie maker APP" and can be downloaded from MS IF you are running W10. NOT sure if previous versions of Windows OS can. How large is the video you have that you want edited ? Can you attach it (the MPG you have) to a post so we can take a look at it ?

    Burned DVD, want to edit it now, can I and how?

    also downloaded the free version of Wondershare it extracted the vob files from the DVD but when it converted it to mpg it also came as movie clips and not separated photos. Either you have a video OR photos one or the other. Originally did you take a bunch of photos and somehow make a video of them ??? What ever you did to start with (assuming photos), go back with the photos and edit them to delete the photos you don't want and make another video. Sorry Marie, but I am confused as to what you had to start with, how you made the video, and then how you made a videowave production ????? Did you try the "HD Movie Maker" I suggested to extract out the photos in the video that you don't want ??

    Burned DVD, want to edit it now, can I and how?

    ....can I extract the burned dvd and make it into a avi. or mp4 file Yes...BUT you will need a program that will do that and Roxio program suite you have has no program that can do that. If I am wrong someone will surely correct me---LOL I own a program that can. It is called "Wondershare Uniconverter". It's NOT free but does many tasks that are extremely valuable when working with Video files. If you insert your DVD into the drive and look at it's properties you will see a file name like the ones I posted (i.e. VOB being one of them). With my program it will convert the VOB file to most any other format like AVI, MP4 etc. Then you can use that video in Videowave. BTW, that program does NOT have then ability to edit video files, just convert to any other format. There are other FREE programs that can do the same. Another FREE program that can edit the video like you wanted is available as an app if you are running W10. it's named "HD Movie Maker" I have that app also and it will do lots of good stuff with video files also. Good Luck.

    Burned DVD, want to edit it now, can I and how?

    VOB is one of the various file extension for a DVD that has already been rendered and burned. Here's an example....

    Burned DVD, want to edit it now, can I and how?

    What are you referring to when you say "extracted video" Is it the video that you edited in Cyberlink ? what is the format of your Extracted video ? (avi, MP4 etc.) If you have a video that is compatible with the types of videos that DVD or Videowave are compatible with, you should be able to insert that video in videowave.

    Burned DVD, want to edit it now, can I and how?

    Yeah, not sure if my suggestion was clear enough. If you have the original video (not yet edited as you want) I was suggesting that you use Cyberlink to re edit the video and then make a new DVD of Videowave production. Bottom line...you can not edit out just portions of a video while in DVD or videowave program. Only can remove portion of beginning or ending of it.

    Burned DVD, want to edit it now, can I and how?

    My suggestion is to place that video back in your Cyberlink program and edit it like you want it in your DVD. Then go back and delete the original video in your videowave and then insert the new edited one from Cyberlink. Your videowave or Mydvd programs will not remove portions of the video in the middle or other specific locations in the video. Only beginning locations and end locations as Bimicher has already suggested

    Photo - Create Slideshow

    Suggestion---Use "Videowave" program rather than slide show assistant program.

    Creator NXT PRO 7

    If it doesn't work with 7 and after reinstall of 6 it still doesn't work that sounds to me like it's a camera device problem. Check your device manager and see if you have an imaging device shown. If not make sure you have one and properly installed. (reference attachment)

    VideoWave crashes

    Hey Peter---You might ant to change your ID on the web site to something other than your Email address as there are many that look for just these addresses for other than legal purposes. Not good to have an ID as your email address.
  13. Just a thought and suggestion about Product Keys---Many times there are the letter O OR the number 0 in the key. If you use the wrong one it will show NG. So make sure when you enter the P. Key that it is correct.

    Coverting VideoWave to a DVD

    Hi Ed.. Once you have completed your videowave production, save it to a folder you name and make and place all of the video, audio and photos in that same folder that you used for the videowave. Save the videowave productrtion to a name of your choice (it should be a DMSM type file. Now open the program MyDVD and open your videowave program by going to that dmsm file. Once in MyDVD change or edit it as you want and burn it to a DVD disk.


    Open the Videowave program-- Add the MP4 video to a new production--add any other photos or text pages etc. and then output it to MyDVD program. (one of the options available for output) Use any of the options available in MyDVD program and then burn it to disk. (Be sure and save your videowave production) Your given name as a DMSM file.