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  1. Just a thought and suggestion about Product Keys---Many times there are the letter O OR the number 0 in the key. If you use the wrong one it will show NG. So make sure when you enter the P. Key that it is correct.

    Coverting VideoWave to a DVD

    Hi Ed.. Once you have completed your videowave production, save it to a folder you name and make and place all of the video, audio and photos in that same folder that you used for the videowave. Save the videowave productrtion to a name of your choice (it should be a DMSM type file. Now open the program MyDVD and open your videowave program by going to that dmsm file. Once in MyDVD change or edit it as you want and burn it to a DVD disk.


    Open the Videowave program-- Add the MP4 video to a new production--add any other photos or text pages etc. and then output it to MyDVD program. (one of the options available for output) Use any of the options available in MyDVD program and then burn it to disk. (Be sure and save your videowave production) Your given name as a DMSM file.

    no sound on DVD

    So if you are burning a DVD what program is on the DVD and how was that program or production created ? Tell us more in regards to the DVD and it's contents. Was it A videowave program ? And did the program you have on the DVD have audio on it ?

    Vimeo or YouTube supported?

    What was your original video...mpeg . mp4 , or what ? Vimeo will upload most any extension video then after it uploads it will change it to Vimeo's video default.

    Creator NXT 7 pro very slow

    If you could please reply to the questions and statements that myguggi posted it would help a lot to determine what the cause of your problem might be.

    Creator NXT 7 pro very slow

    Sorry to hear that Carol. Not sure what slideshow program you were using but you might try Videowave program if that not what you were using.

    NXT 6 not loading.

    If you have the original program disk OR if you saved the original download, reinstall it but do a "repair" rather than a complete new installation.

    Vimeo or YouTube supported?

    I don't use any Mac programs but I am a member of vimeo and use it with other roxio programs and have found it excellent for uploading roxio DVD productions. Tried using youtube also but like you I ran into problems. So I stick with vimeo

    Windows 10 Fall Update

    I just tried to update to the newest W10 Fall Update (1709) for a couple of days now and it continues to not complete the update procedure. I have had 3 different MS techs check each of my computers running W10 Pro (also with NXT6Pro installed on each) and MS cannot seem to fix the problem. The only errors I get show me "an uncontrollable error". After playing around with each computer, I unhooked both of my separate HD's that I keep my personal files on and tried the update again. This time it completed the update fine. I did this on the other W10 computer I have where it also failed and again this time it completed the update OK. Not sure if the errors anyone else has is the same ? If you google the new update error there are many, many users having similar problems !!! So it seems like MS is having a lot of problems with users for this update. BTW, after the update completed the two HD short cut icons I had on my desktop did not work any more but deleting each of them and doing two new shortcuts for each of the HD's I was back in business.

    Roxio Media Import Window

    You're welcome...Good luck.

    Roxio Media Import Window

    I had a hunch that your first video might experience the problem if you used it again. Yes, you could get another Roxio device which might possibly give good results.

    Roxio Media Import Window

    That's certainly possible. 10 years is pretty old especially if it's been used a lot. To test that, what happens if you take the first tape where you could see the video and play it again. does it still work ok. and the second one ? Both tapes should act the same unless some settings in the program itself have been changed or different.

    Roxio Media Import Window

    Were both of the tapes 720x480 "AVI" and capture mode DV ?
  15. Videowave will only recognize a privious videowave production. A production is a program created using videowave. Any videowave production will have a name you go give it with a DMSM extension ie... "myprogram.dmsm"
  16. Here's what I see on my W10 Pro computer. nothing else on all programs and features when I checked.

    A couple of questions re burning .iso & label creator.

    You mentioned that you have a canon printer that I assume has the option to burn a label to disc. I would think that Canon has it's OWN program to do that task. I am using an Epson Printer but do not use any other print a label program to burn or print directly to the disc except Epson. Is that possible with your Canon ?

    MP4 camera

    Storage Media: if an SD card is used it will be formatted in FAT 32. Maximum file size is 4GB And re-format your SSD card if used to "NTFS" not FAT32

    Mydvd remembers a past project

    Thanks daf….. Glad you got the problem all sorted out. Not sure how much help our guys were at solving the problem but as you suggested..probably more help than Corel. But I'm sure their guys are more familiar with other types of programs they have out.

    Mydvd remembers a past project

    Understand..if you read my post (post just before Brendons)...you will see that I told him to save the DMSD files off the computer somewhere. OR..if HE wanted he could delete them. (His choice).

    Mydvd remembers a past project

    It wouldn't matter if he had hundreds of DMSD file Brendon. He's looking to eliminate all files that have interfered with his newer installation. Doesn't sound to me like he has hundreds of DMSD projects that he wants to save.

    Mydvd remembers a past project

    Another suggestion---Search your computer for anything that has the file extension of ??.DMSD. If you find it you can either delete it or remove it and place it off your computer somewhere. Then see if you are still having the same problem.

    Mydvd remembers a past project

    You're right. I usually just use the moderate option and it has always removed all traces of left over files from a deleted program. Only other possible reason is it's still on your computer is that it was it was saved to some other location on your computer when a project was produced. It would look for the files in the usual location but not knowing where else it might be on the computer.

    Mydvd remembers a past project

    When using Revo-uninstaller did you do a moderate scan for left over files ? It usually comes up twice to cleen all left over files. I'm suprised it didn't remove all the files for the program.

    I should have listened...

    Btw Mike you can install and run 2012 pro on a Windoes 10 pro OS too. I have been running it on my W10 Pro computer for some time now and have had no compatibilities or errors at all.