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  1. Kyleboy21

    Video capture troubleshooting

    I think I figured out the solution to this rippling effect problem: all I needed to do was to use the channel up buttons to manually adjust the tracking on the homemade recorded tape. That sure took a dang lot off of my mind there.
  2. Kyleboy21

    Video capture troubleshooting

    The blank VHS tape was recorded in both SLP (for the Beatles documentary) and SP (for the Cartoon Network portion of the tape) modes. No, that tape doesn't have Macrovision protection, but I know I'm familiar with it. The tape, with both modes, may have over 3 hours of recorded stuff on it. And the test capture for it is only 22 seconds (did you even look at the attachment files at all?).
  3. Kyleboy21

    Video capture troubleshooting

    Maybe a visual aid may help:
  4. Kyleboy21

    Video capture troubleshooting

    Hey, it's as plain as day. I used an officially licensed VHS tape (represented with a copy of Looney Tunes the Collector's Edition: Cartoon Superstars) and a blank TDK VHS tape (a recording from Cartoon Network from 1995).
  5. So here's the thing: when recording from officially licensed VHS tapes, the captures turn out wonderful, but when I'm doing captures from blank VHS tapes (more specifically, the blank TDK tapes), I get this weird video glitch that covers 1/7th of the screen from the top. This problem never occurred when it plays on my television, so it shouldn't have that same problem when capturing a blank VHS. Any ideas on how to fix that part? And for that matter, does that problem have anything to do with the VCR tracking? And for reference, I provided two test VHS captures: one from an official VHS tape (Looney Tunes the Collector's Edition: Cartoon Superstars), and the other from a Blank VHS tape (a recording from Cartoon Network from 1995) (I think the file names will imply themselves). Blank VHS Tape Test.mpg Normal VHS Capture Test.mpg