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  1. Problem solved by changing MyDVD settings to use software rendering instead of hardware rendering. My system uses an Nvidia P2200 GPU. My guess there is an incompatibility with this GPU. Did this setting get changed somehow last week? That's the mystery. In any case we're operational again.
  2. I started getting this same error message today. NXT 7 has been working fine on my HP Z4 G4 (Win 10 Pro Version 1909 OS build 18363.1139) workstation creating DVDs. When I went to create a DVD today which was a simple modified version of one I did last week, it gave this error and the application froze when I try to preview, save as an ISO, or burn a disc. WITHOUT_D3DX: VCPOverlays/Overlay Chroma.CreatePixelShader:CreatePixelShader not implemented I upgraded to NXT 8 (MyDVD Build and it gives me the same error.