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  1. One other issue with toast 19 Titanium: When I burn a DVD or a BluRay disk, the progress bar goes from 0% to about 40% fairly quickly, then progress slows to a crawl. Eventually when it hits 100% complete, Toast 19 just sits there with seemingly nothing happening for a god 20 minutes before it finally ejects the disc. Another bug? (Note that I used my DVD drive for the DVD burn, and a Pioneer BDR208 to burn the BluRay, so both burners now exhibit this odd behavior.) Again: Mac Pro Tower (Mid 2010) on High Sierra, and newly downloaded Toast 19 Titanium. I previously used Toast 15 and Toast 11 and had none of these problems. Could there be old files in my system that need to be removed?
  2. I just upgraded to Toast 19. On first DVD burn try, I uploaded 3 .mov files, made menu, etc and checked it on Toast's preview. All was perfect and beautiful. I burned a disc, and the 2nd & 3rd movies have video lagging some 5 seconds after the audio! 1st movie is perfect, but 2 & 3 are unwatchable. Any ideas anyone? Mac Pro mid 2010 running High Sierra 10.13.6 Audio/video sync problem happens on Quicktime playback as well as my OPPO player.