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  1. WeylandYutaniInc91

    Blu-Rays Not Working Right

    Yeah, I've already moved on to another and better burner. I did a 30 day trial, it seems to be everything I want, and things this one couldn't do, like video menus. It's costs more than this, but I'm willing to pay for it. So thanks for nothing to those didn't help me, but thanks for making me look for another and better burner.
  2. WeylandYutaniInc91

    Blu-Rays Not Working Right

    I bought Toast 19 Titanium after my Toast 18 Titanium stopped working after my Mac updated to Big Sur. I burned a Blu-Ray with my custom image and custom music. But when I burned it onto a Blu-Ray, I put it on my PS4, first there was no music on the menu, then I played it but I couldn't skip any chapters. Then I went to the disc menu to go to another chapter and when I played the chapter, all the controls stopped working, I couldn't pause, rewind, fast forward or go back to menu. I thought it was because I didn't have Toast 19 Pro, which I got a refund and bought Toast 19 Pro, and it's still not working and I've used all my blank Blu-Rays. I don't know what I'm doing wrong.