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    Toast 19 pro Cant burn a single disc

    Hi Bill i ended up getting a full refund on Toast 19 Pro as it didn’t work and kept crashing on my system. at least compressor works fine for me burning Blu-rays, and yes I have to prep everything first properly in FCP to get the result I want. at least it works. I don’t know of another solution sorry. I used to live DVD Studio Pro, such a shame it’s no longer in development.
  2. smooshieface

    Toast 19 pro Cant burn a single disc

    HI Guys, Thought I would try here, as Corel (Roxio) chat support system has no one that can help me, so they created a ticket with no idea when I might get a response. I am trying to Burn A BluRay disc. My Hardware. 2019 MBP 32 Gb Ram 2Tb internal SSD 2Tb External Samsung t5 ssd. Pioneer BDR-XD07 Media : Verbatim BD-R SL Software Toast Pro 19 The file I am trying to burn has been created as master file in FCP (prores 422) and runs perfectly. it is PAL 25fps in rec709 BluRay needs no menu just play the file and use FCP chapter markers as chapters. OK So In toast I go to burn and it starts encoding, gets to 100% encoding then starts encoding again. Towards the end of this encode I get the following error "The File "00001.m2ts" could not be accessed ( Data fork, 1634955892" reading this forum and others it seems a common issue with earlier versions. I have tried setting the converted items location to external storage and the temp storage location to e external but it still fails Gear besides MacBook is alll new. What am I doing wrong? its usually something stupid I have overlooked. see attached images