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    Roxio GameCap - CD Lost

    That's a negative. Still no sources/inputs and greyed out tools/options. Edit: Are there any drivers I need to install for my Gamecap? I forgot to mention that this is a different laptop than the one I used to use several years ago.
  2. XenonGaidan

    Roxio GameCap - CD Lost

    Not just yet, it's installing itself again for some reason. Don't know how different 3.0 is from 2.1. But i'll let you know momentarily.
  3. XenonGaidan

    Roxio GameCap - CD Lost

    The application is installed and patched to 2.1 Unfortunately it doesn't seem to detect my GameCap as a source (as if there are no sources) and the tools option is greyed out. -- Edit: Found that it needed to update to 3.0 as well after 'checking for updates'
  4. XenonGaidan

    Roxio GameCap - CD Lost

    As the title suggests i've misplaced my installation CD after an hour or so of looking through boxes and drawers. I do however have the product key in hand, thankfully a younger me did register it way back when I first got the GameCap. Assistance would be very much appreciated and thank you for your time. -- Image attached for clarification on which GameCap i'm referring to.