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  1. fem

    19 crashes under 11.0.1

    Probably there is a conflict with either residuals of old installations, or some other app or plug. Have you tried to start in safe mode? (Immediately after reset, press shift, and then try to start Toast)
  2. fem

    19 crashes under 11.0.1

    It does not crash on opening... and it is 19.3, MacOS 11.2.3 (big sur) Minimac
  3. fem

    19 crashes under 11.0.1

    Toast is 19.3! cheers
  4. fem

    Chapters on media exported from FCPX

    I have used Compressor to prepare the image of either the dvd or the bd, then I use Toast to burn. I did not tried other apps. I know many alternatives, but I had no time nor will to try them. A simple idea: do your experiments with re-recordable discs: it's less expensive
  5. fem

    Chapters on media exported from FCPX

    after FCPX you have to use Compressor, to prepare the image of the DVD or the BD, and then you burn it with Toast. My DVDs and BDs perform the skip option you wish.
  6. "I chose this option: H.264 for Blu-ray. " Why you choose? Once you clic on create BD, it is automatically selected everything by default! The file coming out of FCPX is already ready. more look at the bottom line: during authoring your BD it was not able to create the menu. BDs require menu, like DVDs. To create a basic menu: this operation is available in compressor, by clicking on the bar "selected golden clips 5" a window on the right side should appear. it is very difficult to give instructions by this way, but you have not to interpret: by interpreting, and so, changing things, you complicate what is very simple. Please, follow the help instructions, in the suitable menu.
  7. One you have prepared your file with chapters (I hope you know how to do), you have to "send to...compressor" in FCPX (there is a suitable command). Compressor is automatically opened. You have to clic exactly on "create blu-ray", not only on one of the two items. There is another window with the movie up, and down the movie details with the audio and video options. Clicking on these details you get on the right side the ability to change titles size and so on. Once you have finished, you click on "send to batch" which after some minutes provides the image. This is also in the manual online Greetings
  8. after using FCPX, you should prepare the BD with Compressor. BD will be prepared with compression H.264, and the final result is an image disk ready to be burned by Toast, without problems cheers
  9. some options. Toast 19.3 is out. Big Sur has been updated today. Make Rosetta active in info of the app.
  10. fem

    19 crashes under 11.0.1

    I suggest to make a check and some maintenance of the whole mac, and a cleanup with, for instance, Onyx (which is free). More check the hard disk by starting from the recovery. My copy of 19.2 works fine from the first installation on MacOS 11. greetings
  11. fem

    19 crashes under 11.0.1

  12. fem

    Toast 19 pro Cant burn a single disc

    After having used FCPX, I suggest to use Compressor, to create a DVD or a BD image with all the sacraments (usually the dvd video component is an mpeg2, while I use H.264 compression for the BD video component). I do not get crash or errors in no case with Toast either 18 or 19 after this procedure. And the quality is high.