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    19 crashes under 11.0.1

    I suggest to make a check and some maintenance of the whole mac, and a cleanup with, for instance, Onyx (which is free). More check the hard disk by starting from the recovery. My copy of 19.2 works fine from the first installation on MacOS 11. greetings
  2. fem

    19 crashes under 11.0.1

  3. fem

    Toast 19 pro Cant burn a single disc

    After having used FCPX, I suggest to use Compressor, to create a DVD or a BD image with all the sacraments (usually the dvd video component is an mpeg2, while I use H.264 compression for the BD video component). I do not get crash or errors in no case with Toast either 18 or 19 after this procedure. And the quality is high.