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  1. I believe VideoWave has a bug when it's run on Windows 10 so don't buy it if you're running Windows 10. I bought Roxio Creator NXT 7, which includes VideoWave, around five months before writing this. I loaded it onto my brand new $1700 MSI laptop. Every video file I rendered on the new laptop - short or long, simple or complex, regardless of file type and level of compression - has distorted audio. I still have my old laptop with an older version of Roxio Creator / VideoWave. I have created hundreds of videos with the old laptop and this problem never appeared. NOTE A TEST I PERFORMED: I edited several videos with the new VideoWave on the new MSI / Windows 10 laptop. I rendered these videos on the old laptop with the old VideoWave. There was no audio distortion. [Unfortunately, my old laptop edits and renders videos FAR, FAR SLOWER than my new laptop.] Over a period of around a month, I EXCHANGED AROUND 15 EMAILS with the Corel help desk to fix this problem and it's still not fixed. I did everything they asked me to do, which was to run a bunch of tests on my computer and send Corel the reports these tests spat out. One customer service person and I exchanged around five emails and he disappeared. Suddenly someone else was answering, and they claimed they had no record of my emails. So I started over again doing the same procedures with a new person under a new ticket. That didn't fix anything. And - eventually they said they found the old ticket and that's why there were delays. So they combined the two tickets. And we started over from scratch. Honest. And this time around they couldn't fix it. After around ten total emails, they 'elevated' my issue to another person. This person seemed less knowledgeable than the first two. I'm not kidding. So after doing what the third person asked me to do and it not working, I asked (for around the tenth time) to get my money back. He said it was too late because my three-month warranty had expired.