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  1. keithstoddart

    Choppy video

    OK, Bimicher, I thought I had. See beginning of request! Anyway, I used various tools of Adobe to build the video and it is a 1920 x 1080 video, 26 minutes long and it is saved as an mp4 file. The software I am using to burn the DVD is Roxio's Toast. I have used both Version 8 and the 'MyDVD' (Version 15 I think!). I don't really know what other information you need. Can you at least give me an idea? Are you looking for the settings I use? If so, then it is the 'Magic' settings. The video was created as a H.264 with maximum bitrate. I realise this is a Roxio users group trying to help each other and I understand and respect that. Please just let me know what info I need to give you and I will. Thanks
  2. keithstoddart

    Choppy video

    You need Adobe Encore to burn DVD's and that is the old version which I don't have as I use CC. I relaise downsampling 1080p to 720p is going to reduce the quality but would that make it choppy? OK, I'll persevere with the Adobe side of things but I did think that Roxio would have an answer, especially being 'experts' in that field. Shame it doesn't!!
  3. keithstoddart

    Choppy video

    OK, thank you. I wonder if there is anyone else who is able to answer my question or perhaps even put me in the right direction please? Here is what I am doing again. The video has been created using the full adobe suite. It is 1920 x 1080 and is at 30fps.I created it all on a mac. When I burn it onto DVD using either Toast v8 or 'MyDVD' (v15 - I think) the playback is choppy. The video itself plays very smooth on disk but on DVD is very choppy. Are there any settings when burning the DVD that I should be looking at? I can't find anything in the instructions. Thank you in advance.
  4. keithstoddart

    Choppy video

    SKNIS - I have read all the answers but I am afraid yours is not very clear. That is why I asked you what did you mean. If you are unable to help then that is fine and thank you for your time.
  5. keithstoddart

    Choppy video

    sknis. Not too sure what you mean?
  6. keithstoddart

    Choppy video

    I am now trying to burn it onto Blu-Ray but it just hangs at 90%!!
  7. keithstoddart

    Choppy video

    OK, sorry. I am using the latest version of Premiere pro and the movie is 1080p at 30fps. It is 26 minutes long. 'bimicher' Not too sure of the viersion of toast. I think it is 15. I have used both 'My DYD' and an older vserion of tast v.8. Both do the same. I have tried many configurations and it still is choppy. Also, I can play the DVD on my Blu-ray but not on my DVD player!! It also (which is worse) does not play on my client's blu-ray either! sknis I do not have the file you asked for as I am using mac.
  8. keithstoddart

    Choppy video

    How do I burn a DVD or BluRay of my video I created without it being choppy. Pans are choppy, blow ups are choppy. I simply can't find answer. Evry time I try something someone has suggested, it doesn't work. My used DVD's are piling up. Any help or advice will be much appreciated. Thanks