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  1. Ok first thing first I wasn't having any issue for the past couple weeks now and I don't recall making any changes to my pc, capture device or tv. Now my issue is that for some reason when I start up my console that's is connected to the cap device there is a buzzing sound coming from the television but the capture program won't pick it up. I've tried a couple things from changing consoles and hdmi ports and usb ports but nothing helps. I did notice that when I tried to use an older console that uses component cables I had a strange thing happen. The hdmi cables are still connected to everything else at this point but when I start up the console with the component cables (which is a ps2) it'll still have the buzzing sound when I have the tv set to component source, but if I have the tv set to the hdmi source the ps2 will still show up but without the buzzing. So I don't know what to do or even how this started so if anyone could give some help I would appreciate it. Also I don't think there is any sort of interference of any kind as when I connect the consoles directly to the tv I don't get the buzzing sound.