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  1. Any one have any ideas or have had this issue ? otherwise that was a complete waste of money ! hehe
  2. Hi, No its a very short video, the intro video is only 1 minute and the actual video is only 5 minutes Thanks
  3. Hi all (This is not the 'red box retail version) it's the full version bought from the main website) After having an issue not being able to create a video DVD with audio I contacted Corel, I got a reply and did everything they suggested Completely uninstalled it, Deleted my windows temporary files, Deleted my temporary internet files, Cleared my Appdata, Renamed my Roxio folder to Roxio_old, Restarted my computer, Disabled my Antivirus, Disabled my Firewall, Re-Installed Easy CD & DVD Burning 2 directly from the website Tried to burn a DVD, i selected my intro movie (WMV Format) I selected my menu background music (MP3 Format), I selected my movie (MOV Format, but have also tried MP4) played it within the program and all fine, burned the DVD all fine but have tried the DVD in 2 different devices and again there is still no sound at all in the intro or the menu or the movie Can anyone help ? Thanks