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  1. Hi sir, you seem to be knowledgeable person in Roxio, I am trying to open either Roxio NXT Pro 7 or easy CD& DVD burning 2 both of them is not opening it start blue or orange small screen but after a while 5-7 seconds later it froze or not open and blank screen. They told me uninstall and reinstall which I did but still same problems i have NXT 7 from internet easy CD&DVD burning 2 with hard copy nothing is working. Can you help? 

    Thank you for your time and effort in this matter,

    Best regards


  2. mslater

    Roxio NXT 7

    Thank you for response: I get it from Roxio Web Site, so many times i tried to uninstall and install now because they told me to maybe at least 7 times but now last time i tried "Key has been used too many times" coming so i am out of luck. I called but she can not answer she told me she took a note somebody will send me a email??? so do not call for help.
  3. mslater

    Roxio NXT 7

    My Roxio NXT PRO 7 will not start up??? Why? i did clean uninstall and reinstall still nothing screen opens like it will work and then blank..... What can I do? Can you help please?