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  1. mslater

    Roxio NXT 7

    Thank you sir I will try but i never download or played any game with this computer (Laptop)
  2. mslater

    Roxio NXT 7

    I am sorry did not mean to shout like i said i am very new in this thank you for your time and effort in this matter, I appreciated sir.
  3. mslater

    Roxio NXT 7

  4. mslater

    Roxio NXT 7

    Hi Sir, You are absolutely right sorry for my answers i am new this conversations actually it is my first time i am asking somebody other then ROXIO Zendesk please be patient with me. My computer is Hewlett Packard, HP ZBook15G2, Intel Core i7-4810MQ CPU @ 2.80GHz, Total Memory 32768 MB Total SSD 2.96 TB I did clean uninstall as Zendesk instructions also we did registry files because Zendesk says they are overlapping. I delete all residual files and folders also closed and turned off anti virus programs I only have Microsoft Defender not additional programs. The problem occur again Roxio Creator NXT Pro 7 it tries to launch but it fails. With Zendesk (Roxio help desk) They want me to create another user and with administrator privilege's, I did that but still the problem is the same. I asked remote help maybe i was doing something wrong the answer was " I do apologize for the inconvenience that this has caused you. Let me go ahead and assist you with that. Sorry to inform you that currently no remote is available and all are pre-occupied. I do apologize for the inconvenience this has caused you." and all this going back and forth with Zendesk since Jan 8 2021. IMG_9949.MOV
  5. mslater

    Roxio NXT 7

    I did reply sir I am sorry maybe something happened? I bought from ROXIO website. I know sir there is a limit we pass that with Roxio help desk but still it tries to launch but nothing happens now they are not answering.
  6. mslater

    Roxio NXT 7

    I do not have 2 versions I bought Roxio Creator NXT Pro 7 that is all< when i install Roxio Creator NXT Pro 7 its load that CreatorNXT7 too on desktop that is a file folder and it has files 1-Creator NXT 7 Content 2- Creator NXT Pro Content 3 - Creator NXT Pro 7 4 - Creator NXT7 Installer i am doing anything extra at all it just come up when I install.
  7. mslater

    Roxio NXT 7

    Sorry but it didn't worked.
  8. mslater

    Roxio NXT 7

    Hi, I bought Roxio Creator NXT Pro 7 around May 2020 I installed and start using but for some reason it did not convert my WAV files to Mp3 file after 2 months of emailing back and forth they finally told me because my WAV files were 24 bit that is why (by the way i couldn't see any writing for 24 bit WAV file) That is OK i use something else to convert. Now i have another problem my Roxio Creator NXT Pro7 try to launch but when it come to (writing on blue square)Roxio Creator NXT pro 7 screen close and not launching the program. We have been emailing back and forth again they make me try everything uninstall reinstall, clean registry files again reinstall, change admin user install again nothing is helping I ask remote help after almost 18 days they said nobody is available or pre occupied with others? Is there any solutions to my software to launch accordingly. I have a video file what is happening I will try to put here. IMG_9958 (1).MOV
  9. Hi sir, you seem to be knowledgeable person in Roxio, I am trying to open either Roxio NXT Pro 7 or easy CD& DVD burning 2 both of them is not opening it start blue or orange small screen but after a while 5-7 seconds later it froze or not open and blank screen. They told me uninstall and reinstall which I did but still same problems i have NXT 7 from internet easy CD&DVD burning 2 with hard copy nothing is working. Can you help? 

    Thank you for your time and effort in this matter,

    Best regards


  10. mslater

    Roxio NXT 7

    Thank you for response: I get it from Roxio Web Site, so many times i tried to uninstall and install now because they told me to maybe at least 7 times but now last time i tried "Key has been used too many times" coming so i am out of luck. I called but she can not answer she told me she took a note somebody will send me a email??? so do not call for help.
  11. mslater

    Roxio NXT 7

    My Roxio NXT PRO 7 will not start up??? Why? i did clean uninstall and reinstall still nothing screen opens like it will work and then blank..... What can I do? Can you help please?