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  1. Thank you for asking. Yes, that's what I was trying to do. I found a tip on another forum that said to Export the dsmsn file. I tried that and it worked, it converted the .dsmsn file to .mpeg and the file showed up along with the film clips. This is not an obvious thing to have to do. Is there another way? I wanted to use the Molecules menu, which I was using on Creator NXT 2. Is there a way to change the font? There were a lot of options in the older program. MyDVD used to burn an .iso file that allowed me to burn a DVD with the menu and three movies. Then it started making an .iso that did not burn the menu and I discovered it was making additional files with the extensions .001, .002 and .0010. Anyway, last Saturday I managed to use Creator NXT 8 to make a MyDVD file with two movies. I saved it as an .iso and then used the flame icon to burn a disk. The disk was good. I used the Burn Disc Image to burn the .iso like I did with the old program. That did not have the menu. Why not? It got me thinking that maybe I could burn a disk straight from the MyDVD using my old program. I added three movies and created a menu and it worked! I was able to re-edit and re-burn it and got it the way I wanted. I was very happy on Sunday. But on Monday I tried to do it again with three other movies and it did not work. The files created by Creator NXT 8 were these: At 12:28, .MyDVD, 394 KB and .0010, 0KB. At 12:48, .iso, 2,097,120 KB and .001, 2,084,672 KB The older program, Creator NXT 2 created these files: The good three-movie: .iso was 2,097,120 KB, .001 was 2,097,120 KB, .002 was 97,152 KB and .0010 was 0 KB. The unsuccessful three-movie had this: .iso was 2,097,120 KB, .001 was 2,097,120 KB, .002 was 25,632 KB and .0010 was 0 KB. The difference seems to be the size of the .002 file. I also tried using the older program to make a disk with two movies. That failed, too. It had .iso of 2,097,120 KB, .001 of 940,544 KB and .001 of 0 KB. If these numbers would help explain why sometimes it worked and sometimes not, I would be interested. I was hoping to use the new program to make disks that look like the ones I had already done. I'm a little disappointed that it limits me to two movies, and the font is less attractive, but I can live with that. Thank you for hanging in with me on this. BarbP
  2. Thanks for your attention, cdanteek. I uninstalled MiniToolConvertServer.exe and that changed dxdiag a lot. For some unknown reason I have sound on the files now. If uninstalling that program did something, I'm happy. I still have issues with Creator NXT 8, but I should start a new thread for those. I'm trying to use MyDVD to add the movie I edited with Videowave, but it doesn't show up, just the original film clips. What's the point of Videowave, then? I will continue studying. Thanks again, BarbP
  3. Thanks for looking at this! Yes, I installed MiniToolMovieConvertServer.exe hoping maybe it would convert the files to something usable, but it didn't. I'd be happy to uninstall it. BarbP
  4. Thanks so much for responding! I've attached the dxdiag.txt file that was created. If you can figure out what is missing, I'd sure appreciate it. BarbP DxDiag.txt
  5. I am trying to edit files from a DVD recorder. There are two folders on the disk, one labelled VIDEO_RM and the other is VIDEO_TS. My old Creator NXT 2 program using Windows 7 would convert them to .mpg files which i could edit with Videowave, make a DVD with MyDVD and then burn an .iso file. Recently a glitch in the burn made it refuse to include the menu in the .iso. It created empty files with the extension .001, .002, and .001(1) which I don't understand but that's another issue. So I am trying another method. I have purchased Creator NXT 8 and installed it on a Windows 10 laptop. The Capture program will recognize the movie files on the DVD and import them but there is no sound when I play them. I found an error message somewhere that referred to DirectX being needed, and I turned that on by going into the Control Panel and clicking the Legacy box. The version of DirectX installed on my computer is 12. But there is still no sound. What is missing? There is no sound when I try to play them with Windows Media Player either, but they work when I play them on the old computer. BarbP
  6. A followup: I tried using the Creator NXT 8's version of Videowave and got an error message when I tried to add a video. It said "could not create the new renderer object. This might be caused by DirectX 9.0 not being installed or the display adapter not fully supporting DirectX 9.0" I looked for DirectX 9.0. I found my Windows 10 laptop has DirectX 12 installed. Microsoft does not recommend trying to install DirectX 9 instead of 11 or 12, but a Microsoft forum I found had many people complaining that their programs no longer worked when DirectX 9 was gone. Is this my problem? BarbP
  7. For years I used Creator NXT 2 to copy TV shows I liked. I recorded them on a DVD recorder with +RW disks and used Capture to import them to my Windows 7 laptop, edited out the sections I didn't want with Videowave, used MyDVD to compile two or three shows on one disk and burned them to an .iso . The Windows 7 laptop started to have problems importing the video so I installed the program on a Windows 10 laptop and that seemed to work. Two days before Christmas the video capture stopped working. I had also discovered that disks I made with MyDVD with three programs on the menu seemed to compile normally but when I burned them there was no menu. Creator NXT 2 is fairly old, was there an expiration date? Any way, I decided to invest in Creator NXT 8, as it advertised that it could pick up files from older devices. I downloaded and installed it on the Windows 10 program. I was happy to find that it seemed to recognize the files on the disks I recorded. However, when i tried to edit them on Videowave, there is no audio. Why not? The files are in two folders, labelled VIDEO_RM and VIDEO_TS. What can I do? BarbP