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  1. Ivan Mckellar

    Help for roxio game capture

    Its not that as I haven't played the game yet as when I loaded up my roxio capture card I encountered a black screen then I went on audio I changed 0 line roxio game cap to Roxio Game Cap WDM and thats how I encountered the flashing images.
  2. Ivan Mckellar

    Help for roxio game capture

    Well basically I bought it online back in 2018 and I didn't receive the cd so I had to run it on virtualdub instead. When I ran it the first time I received it I had no problems and the flashes didn't occur but then I decided to use it again because I wanted to record a ps3 game I got from ebay but encountered the flashes right off the bat.
  3. Does anyone know how to stop a glitchy preview screen when loading up roxio game capture on virtualdub as I have no clue how to fix it even though I tried every setting in hopes that it will make the static go away but still doesn't work? heres a video to understand what I mean 2021-01-12 15-41-19.mp4