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  1. NealeP

    Trying To Run Ecdc 5 In Windows 7

    Made my day, thank you!
  2. NealeP

    Trying To Run Ecdc 5 In Windows 7

    Thanks, Brendan! The cost/effort question has been buzzing around in my brain for a few days. There are a lot of obstacles to getting this going. Should I decide to ignore common sense, however, and find an old pc, which OS would v5 run best on? W2000? Regards, Neale
  3. NealeP

    Trying To Run Ecdc 5 In Windows 7

    Hi Brendon, this last post you made shows some promise to address my issue, but maybe not. I was cleaning up my computer room (agreed, dangerous!), and came across a box of four cd's with the file mybackup.tk2 on them. I'd like to see what is on them, e.g. if there are old pictures especially. Upon discovering that is a Roxio extension, I found an ISO for CD Creator 6 (the Roxio site still remembered me and the registration code for 6.1 Basic), so tried to install it on my Windows 10 system - which made a system restore necessary. I contacted Corel, and they suggested purchasing ECDC 2, but didn't say if it would handle the tk2 files. I followed up with Corel, and they haven't responded yet; asked on Amazon, got a couple of replies, but trend is that it won't. I found a friend that has (this) old laptop with XP, I then installed ECDC 6.1, but it doesn't recognize the tk2 extension. From your post above, it seems that even if I were to find a v5 ISO, it would not work under XP, and you suggest removing Take 2 from any install of v5 anyways. Any other suggestions? best regards, Neale