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    Cannot get rid of Welcome Window

    I've done that and it still didn't work :(. Corel said they wanted to do a remote session with me to see if they could sort it. I told them I'd be available on Tuesday, but I didn't hear from them :(. I'm about to rebuild my Mac from scratch (it's been giving me other problems as well). I'll make sure Toast is one of the first applications I install - I'm hoping that should work.
  2. onlinegenie

    Cannot get rid of Welcome Window

    Which suggests that my purchase of Parallels was money well spent.
  3. onlinegenie

    Cannot get rid of Welcome Window

    Update: I got it working by installing it on a Parallels virtual machine running Mac OS 10.14. It still won't load on 10.15. This does not inspire me to install Big Sur!
  4. onlinegenie

    Cannot get rid of Welcome Window

    Hi everybody. I've just bought and installed Toast 19, iMac running Catalina 10.15.1 (beta). When I load Toast there is a Welcome window almost entirely covering the main window. There isn't a cross to get rid of this Welcome window so I thought it would go away on its own after a few seconds - it doesn't. If I hover the cursor over the window it just beachballs. Apple are probably sick of me sending reports as to why I force quit Toast! Has this happened to anyone else and - more importantly - does anyone have a solution? Mark