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  1. The preamp I purchased resolved the issue. Thank you, tbrewst, for your insight and suggestions.
  2. I did not get any audio response in the USB device software, or even any audio response, by connecting the USB device to the Zone 2 outputs of the receiver. Next 2 attempts to resolve issue are 1, reinstall the software on the laptop and 2, use a separate preamp connected to the LP player.
  3. Just tried this. I get no audio response in the capture device software after connecting the LP player's output to the USB device.
  4. Trying to transfer lp's to Mp3 files - My Onkyo TX-8270 receiver does not have tape-out RCA connector ports to connect the video capture USB, only 3 outputs, two RCA connector outputs for zone 2 (Separate room) pre-amplifier and sub-woofer output, and 1 HDMI output port for connecting a TV. Not sure if an RCA to HDMI adapter to connect to the HDMI output would work since the port is for connecting a TV. Suggestions, please?