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  1. StuartC1972

    Initial Thoughts Review on Toast 20

    Hi Matt / Pat, Pleased to say I finally have received the Toast 20 Pro physical edition. Can't believe the sheer hassle in trying to get it but I reached out to a staff member on this forum who helped me sort the problem. Thanks for your help anyway. Kind regards, Stuart
  2. Pleased to say as of now, I have the physical version of Roxio Toast 20 Pro. It finally got delivered today. I reached out to a staff member on these forums and also contacted Digital river via their contact form. I have no idea which method hurried it along but I think the staff member here was very useful.
  3. StuartC1972

    Initial Thoughts Review on Toast 20

    I didn't get a serial number for V20 either. It's on the physical box these days.
  4. StuartC1972

    Initial Thoughts Review on Toast 20

    Thanks Pat, yes support just seem to be fobbing me off. I am gonna have to write a letter of complaint to Roxio / Corel UK office and see how it goes. Thanks Matt, I bought the physical version. I couldn't believe it when they sent me the disc for version 19 Pro. Now I keep getting lied to from support and they tell me I must wait. How long am I expected to wait. Maybe they do not have any physical versions of Toast 20 Pro ready to sell? If that is the case then they shouldn't send advertise it. My only option at the moment is to contact the UK office in a letter which seems an outdated way of contacting them.
  5. StuartC1972

    Initial Thoughts Review on Toast 20

    Hi guys, Does anyone know how to contact support at Roxio without going through the whole ticket support thing? I just get the distinct impression they are fobbing me off every time. All I want is what I purchased from the online store.
  6. I have been told by technical support that tracking information has been sent to my registered email address for shipping of Roxio Toast 20 Pro. Haven't received anything as yet (checked junk mail filter). They even closed the ticket support and I have to reply to keep it open. It's beyond a joke now. If you buy something from the online store you should be able to email them if there is a problem - not be sent on one giant merry-go-round that is the technical support. Starting to lose faith now and feel I am just being fobbed off every time I speak to technical support. I guess I will have to write a letter of complaint to Corel Headquarters in UK which may well be quicker.
  7. Just an update on this. Since Wednesday that I reported the problem, I am being advised to please wait by the customer services team. It only took 3 days in total to ship it to me. I don't understand what the hold up is really.
  8. Not sure what is going on with Roxio these days but I purchased Roxio Toast 20 Pro. I was told it was arriving from Ireland to where I live in Essex, UK. Opened up the large parcel to find a Toast 19 Pro disc sealed case instead. So I checked my receipt to make sure I hadn't purchased the same disc. That was only yesterday but now I am stuck in the process of trying to return the disc sent and receive the new disc which seems like its a real long winded process via case numbers and not much communication if I am honest. Whoever is handling the problem isn't doing a particularly great job of it so far. I have no idea when or if I am going to receive the new disc (which of course I should be entitled to since I have not got what I have paid for). I just wanted to pre-warn anybody purchasing the disc in the UK that you might get sent the wrong disc like I have. I will of course post my progress should I get anywhere but have a feeling it is going to take a long while.
  9. StuartC1972

    Roxio Toast 19 - Poor Interface, bad design

    That would have been a good option. Yes it has gone backwards in its look. I hate those icons which go along the top. I have reverted to Toast 18 and I hope it stays supported for a while on Mac OS particularly Big Sur. It just doesn’t look like a Mac product anymore. There are so many bits with Toast that we have had to put up with like the About dialogue looking a bit ropey for years but as soon as they messed up the interface that is a big bad decision and one that is gonna affect the sales of the product and possibly it’s lifespan now.
  10. Hi, everyone, I am new to this Discussions group, but I just had to post as a long time user of Toast since 'Toast 5 Titanium'. Normally with each version of Toast has come changes to the user interface and as a professional graphic designer I have not always fully liked the design choices but understood that change is often necessary and felt that the interface was still within the limits of good design. However, I am most displeased with the current direction of the design of the user interface for Toast 19. It no longer feels like I am using Toast and I think if this is not drastically improved in Toast version 20, I will abandon the product despite being a long time fan. I am sure I am not the only person who feels this way about the design and I just don't understand the design decision with this. A lot of mac users are designers and I just feel that the design has cheapened the product somewhat. Also when I was installing the product on my MacBook Pro, the installer crashed. I have had a similar experience with the last Roxio Creator software for PC too, it was buggy and I didn't like the design of the software and subsequently removed from my PC and now have taken the decision to no longer update the software anymore. I would be willing to work with Roxio in the future to help improve the user interface and possibly lend a hand in designing it if need be to keep the product fresh and alive but as it stands I think this software is going downhill fast which is a real shame since it was a product I truly loved.