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  1. POPSD

    19 crashes under 11.0.1

    That's good. I am happy that NCH software worked for you and that you were glad to pay the price. My only point is that you did not mention NCH's checkered reputation and did not mention the "free" turning into "paid."
  2. POPSD

    19 crashes under 11.0.1

    If I were you, I would thoroughly check NCH Software on the web. I understand that most of their "free" software requires you to buy a paid license after a couple of months.
  3. POPSD

    19 crashes under 11.0.1

    What the h-e-double toothpicks is a "cold reboot"???
  4. POPSD

    19 crashes under 11.0.1

    Yeh, I think there really is something to do with uninstalling certain previous files, then reinstalling Toast 19. I haven't had any problems yet after performing this procedure. But, then again, I an not necessarily a frequent user of the app.
  5. POPSD

    19 crashes under 11.0.1

    Since NO ONE from Roxio ever seems to monitor or answer this forum, I seriously wonder if anyone from Roxio has any idea how to build an app for Macintosh! Unless I personally see some evidence of our customer messages being monitored and I get a confirmation that Roxio even knows how to build for Macs, then this will be the last piece of Roxio software I ever purchase. HEY, ROXIO!—ARE YOU REALLY PAYING ANY ATTENTION TO YOUR MAC CUSTOMERS! Nevertheless, I installed the update and it is working (FOR NOW!) But the Good Lord only knows how long 19.3 will remain stable. My question still stands . . . ROXIO? ROXIO? IS ANYBOY OUT THERE???
  6. POPSD

    19 crashes under 11.0.1

    Scottinni — Thanks for your reply. Yes, the suggestions by jamesfrmphilly does work.I did what he suggested and Toast 19 is behaving now on my Mac with OS 11.1 Big Sur installed.
  7. POPSD

    19 crashes under 11.0.1

    I am having the same problem. Toast 19 seems to be "buggy" and unstable on Macs like mine, running Mac OS 11.1 Big Sur. Does ANYBODY have any answers?