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  1. I've tried installing this many times. I've followed the advice to uninstall things, rename files to .old, reboot, eliminate hidden files, revive drivers, etc. Many times. I could install it via DVD on my wife's old crappy HP laptop (with no antivirus, using the DVD), but not on my newer Acer (with Norton 360, turned off). Lots of time spent, both by me, and the folks trying to help.
  2. Sorry, I am unfamiliar with the protocol for this. I did nod not mean to just rant. Error message I first received was "registry key for this application are missing." The next twenty or so time I tried (after uninstalling apps, renaming files to ".old", deleting and reinstalling drivers-- I never saw two things on the driver thing, by the way-- deleting temporary files, i.e., following all the instructions I got from the polite and fairly quick responses to my inquiries to Corel/Roxio), I got the error message "We encountered a problem while installing Roxio Easy VHS to DVD Plus." Message appeared about 95% into indicated install progress. Would more info help, like emails I see I was given Macrovision Flexnet, about which there is some carping about online. I also found this, which entered my computer when I first tried installing: Thanks for any help.