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    19 crashes under 11.0.1

    Brand new version (again!) 19.4!!!! Worked smoothly for the first disc... trouble ever since! it's okay if you go in, create your mix, export in one go. But if you save a project and try to open back up it just hangs. No idea why. I don't know why this just can't do the basic stuff it used to do.
  2. tedmills

    19 crashes under 11.0.1

    That's what I meant--there is no link to 19.3 here, AFAIK, you have to d/l 19.2, install, and then on opening it will d/l 19.3
  3. tedmills

    19 crashes under 11.0.1

    Big Sur had a new update to 11.2.3, and now Toast is back not working again. Reinstalled and then re-upgraded (because 19.2 is still the "newest" version on this site. Toast hangs when trying to open the doc where I left off. Oy.
  4. tedmills

    19 crashes under 11.0.1

    Okay, I ACTUALLY MANAGED TO BURN A DISC IMAGE yesterday, with the transitions and everything. Mind you I had to start from scratch, as I had given up on opening the .disc file from 19.2. I saved and resaved....and then at some point Toast just decides to stop saving. I had to "Save As" and replace the file from then on. At one point I went to another program to check something and I got the spinning beach ball in Toast! But I had other things to do, so I just walked away. When I came back (10? 15? mins later) it was back to normal, so...I dunno. I got it to do what I wanted. BUT IT SHOULDN'T BE THIS HARD. (Side question: Big Sur peeps, are you finding that Mac is just slow at some things like serious lags between hitting save and getting the save dialog window?) I have *not* tried the "erase everything, install 19.3" trick. Maybe I should. Again, THIS SHOULDN'T BE THIS HARD.
  5. tedmills

    19 crashes under 11.0.1

    The good news! There are actually people working on this and today we have...19.3 released! The bad news....well, it still is not working
  6. tedmills

    19 crashes under 11.0.1

    Got Toast 19.2, tried the audio crossfade on a quick test image disc and it worked fine. While working in crossfades on the main mix cd is started crashing and now Toast will not even open! It just hangs and all the fans spin up. Big Sur 11.1. This really should not be this bad out of the box.
  7. tedmills

    Toast 19 stalls

    Same here!
  8. tedmills

    19 crashes under 11.0.1

    Have we confirmed that the fix from jamesfrmphilly also fixes the crossfades/audio problem. I really only use Toast for *one thing* and that's making audio CDs, with crossfades and burning disc images.