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  1. I've been a big user of Mac and Toast for years. But never had to record a Blu-Ray disc. I went through the process as described in the user manual on Roxio Toast 19 Pro. Authored the menus, etc. I even tried several different codecs to make sure that wasn't the issue Used m2v for blu ray, H.264, but even though the disc shows a burned image on the disc and my mac can open the disc and it has the BDMV folder as well as the Certificate. It can't be read on my Sony Blu-Ray player, or any other player I've tried it on. I was curious that maybe my OWC Mercury Pro burner was the issue or maybe my Imation BD-R discs, so I copied a Blu-Ray disc that I know worked from another project, and the copy worked and plays fine. I was also wondering if Toast 19 can properly burn 5.1 audio from an .AC3 file? What is the issue here? (I've looked through all the set up menus on the online manual and nothing appears)