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    File Format Not Supported

    Thanks for checking Brendon. I think my only remaining path is to edit the control file and see if I can enable the save as option.
  2. John AS

    File Format Not Supported

    I'm remembering now. Created the album with bundled software that came with the PC . Burnt the CD with Roxio. Taking apart the cfg files appears the bundled software was FlipAlbum. I'm guessing there data in the header file of the jpg. Need a more robust multiformat viewer.
  3. John AS

    File Format Not Supported

    Thanks for the quick reply. See attached small jpg file from the opf file folder for the flip album I created years ago. I had to place in zip file as I could not attach the jpg directly. example.zip
  4. Trying to recover jpg files from CD burned 8 years ago. The full size jpg files are on the CD but Windows 10 reports file format not supported. I have tried several different multi format viewers but no luck. Any suggests would be appreciated. Corel support has not been helpful thus far.