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  1. So, I guess I'm stuck with crappy sound in my converted videos...three strikes!
  2. I was able to make my old Roxio device to work capturing, NXT8 does not recognize the EasyCap one. My problem now is with the sound on the files converted (DVD, .avi, mpeg-2) using NXT8' VideoWave app...
  3. Yes, I installed the EasyCap's drivers that came with the device (mini CD), "USB2.0 MIC" is what registers for audio when connecting the device. See below info requested with old Roxio's device installed...
  4. One more detail that I forgot to mention in the original thread, I captured with Roxio's device from Hi8 to .AVI format with the same results on the output (MPEG-2 and DVD formats)... Below screenshots for EasyCap on my Device Manager as requested:
  5. I did not install the drivers that came with Creator 2009 as the installation CD doers not run on Win 10 anymore. To be honest, I'm not sure how I finally was able to use the old device. I tried multiple solutions from many sites, luck perhaps? If the sound issue cannot be solved, I need to look for alternatives to Roxio's Videowave...any suggestion?
  6. What about the noise in the transfers that I was able to do after finally enabling my old Roxio device? The videos have no issues if I play them on the PC that I used to produce them but have this constant static-like noise if played elsewhere (laptop, TV, etc.).
  7. Thanks for the reply. So, what are my options regarding a video capture device that I can use?
  8. I must start saying that I'm not an expert in video stuff, just a guy who wants/needs to save some old Hi8 tapes to a digital format before they go bad. For the last month or so I've been waging a loosing battle with Creator NXT 8. I came from Creator 2009 SE which was, at least to me, pretty easy to work with. There are three main issues right now with NXT 8 in my case: 1) it does not recognize the new video capture device (EasyCap DC60-008) that I bought after finding that the one that came with my old Creator 2009 SE (purchased at Costco) was not working after upgrading to NXT 8 2) there is sound issue of an "echo" or "stuttering" that happens frequently during video capture 3) any video captured (.AVI format) or produced (.MPG) by VideoWave has a horrible background/crackling noise no matter what I try when played in any PC/laptop/TV that I've tried, except the PC that I used for capturing/producing the videos After a month or so of back and forth emails (providing useless input, I'd say, and not answering direct questions like which device works with NXT 8), I gave up and have asked for a refund (three times already). Corel's support keeps providing un-useful support instead, the last email interaction called for me to access a dead Microsoft URL(https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/instantanswers/5de907f1-f8ba-4fd9-a89d-efd23fee918c/create-a-local-user-account-in-windows-10) and to re-install NXT 8 as a local user on the PC! I was able somehow to make NXT 8 recognize the signal from my old Roxio device on my own but, the sound quality is awful with the noise described above. I attached the specs for the PC where NXT 8 is installed (after a clean Win 10 installation) for reference. Also a couple of screenshots of what happens when I try to use the EasyCap device, hoping that my sound issues are solved by using it instead of the Roxio one that came with Creator 2009 SE. Any directions would be very much appreciated... Thanks. HP and Compaq Desktop PCs - motherboard specifications, Odense.pdf HP ENVY 750-177c Desktop PC Product Specifications.pdf