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    I realize this is going to sound ridiculous but I am trying to make a Memorial Slideshow for my mother and I think this is way over my head. I thought it would at least come with a user booklet on step by step but all i get are drop downs filed with info i am not even sure what some words are. I have a file of pics on my desktop. I put them in Video wave and edited half because it cut me off at 79 pics ....??? So there is that. Can not figure where to go next to burn. Should i have put them into the coral to edit first?? And then where do i go from there? Is there somebody i can talk to to help me with this? I am feeling very stupid about this whole thing and i do not have much time left. My mom is leaving soon and i need help. Can anyone help me? EDIT - Removed email address so spambots won't harvest it!