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    binicher, it's difficult to get in depth as to what I'm doing/looking for. Sorry. Brendon, Thanks, that clears it up a little more for me. Kind of stinks tho. I thought by "upgrading" the software, I'd have more options. I have another question, so when I add my videos to make my dvd, it doesn't allow me to change any font size or text on the main page of the dvd where it shows the video titles. (I think I'm just so used to Creator 10) The red box appears around the title when I click on it, and I can move it, but can't make it smaller or larger. In some cases, my title is too large, it's cut off.
  2. Amy L3

    How to use

    On creator 10, I was able to burn about 9 of the 20 minute videos. On creator NXT PRO 8, I am only able to put about 4 of the 20 minute videos on. They are in an MPG file format. A 42 minute video is 1.81 GIG. I don't see any other setting to change them to be able to burn more than 4 videos on a dvd. I am burning the dvd's to be able to play on a dvd player. I also don't see a way on the program to add more than 4 videos to a dvd either. Sorry, feeling pretty computer illiterate here. I feel like I should have gotten something a little more simpler!
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    How to use

    ok, I kind of figured you were talking about a slideshow. I am becoming so frustrated with this program, it's just crazy!!! I just can't understand how I could burn 9 - 20 mpg vids on creator 10,, but on NXT PRO 8, I can only burn 4 mpg vids. Using the same dvds, same size, 4.7g. Maybe creator 10 changed the format along the way somewhere that I didn't notice???? sigh,,,,,,,
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    How to use

    cdanteek, thanks. I guess I didn't fully read it .I just assumed it was about the photos. I didn't know I had to select NTSC or PAL. Is that why I can only put 4- 20 minute movies on a dvd? I used to be able to put about 9 or 10- 20 minute movies on a dvd when I used Creator 10 Suite. I guess that's where I'm stuck, I can add 4 videos to a dvd, but that's it. It doesn't let me add any more to it.
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    How to use

    I thought this would have come with a little more step by step as well. I am so lost .I can't even find anything online. The little 13 pg user guide tells me absolutely nothing! Super frustrated!!!