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  1. I have just had the same. I have never got either VideoWave or Photosuite to work.
  2. HI Further to this post, please find attached a screenshot of an error I found when shutting down the PC after Creator attempted to open the VideoWave module, and associated dump file etc. Perhaps these may help someone to suggest what might be wrong - I have uninstalled and reinstalled again, but still have this issue. Creator NXT Pro 8 will open external modules, such as Corel Fast FLcim without a hitch, but once it comes to Photosuite or Videowave, the banner comes up and nothing else happens. __VIDEOWAVE__MAP__.dat VideoWave.dmp
  3. When I open up Roxio Creator NXT Pro 8 and click on either Video Movies or Photos on the LHS, a further screen opens up with a series of possible tasks. However, when I click on a task such as edit photos, a banner comes up for Photosuite, or Videowave if it's a video task, and neither module opens up. Eventually, the banner disappears. There are no error messages. I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling the software in case the installations had been corrupted, but exactly the same. Any ideas?