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  1. David Trexler

    Creating two chapters in a DVD

    I am using HD video. Is that not called a standard video? I wasn't clear about the description. I meant to say two titles. One video for one title. When I put a HD video into the app and it showed at least 3 gb even after I compressed the video. So the DVD would not have an enough space for another one.
  2. David Trexler

    Creating two chapters in a DVD

    I am frustrated by the large files of the video that a DVD limited to only one video. I wanted to burn two videos (two chapters). I tried compressing the video to make it smaller, but when I add the video to the app the size went back to too big for two videos for a DVD. Is there anything wrong with my procedures? I have 22 videos (each of them about an hour). One video is about 3 gb. Your advice would be helpful. Thank you.