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    Installation error...

    I only had one account prior to this new one and it was an Administrator account.
  2. SunshineCoast

    Installation error...

    No, it is not beta anymore. I've ended up creating a new user (administrator) and with minimal other software installed, the Roxio installation worked for me. So, another program installed on my old account was the problem. Thanks...
  3. SunshineCoast

    Installation error...

    That is just a link to a screen where you can change your product key or upgrade Windows. I have an OEM version of Windows 10 Pro installed. It came with the build. No need to upgrade or change. I did, however, run updates and installed a newer Win 10 Pro update, then tried installing the Roxio program again. Same error message. FYI...I use this PC for editing and have DaVinci Resolve installed. I don't think that would cause any problems with the Roxio install however.
  4. I recently purchased the Roxio Easy VHS to DVD3 system. I am having problems installing from the CD and from online downloads. I get installation errors. Would like some help please. Have attached error messages and system information. Thanks, Steve