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  1. Austin S.

    install wont finish and rolls back

    gonna delete this thread in a day or two since its been 12 days and no reply
  2. ive had this roxio for a long time and its work perfectly the whole time until yesterday, something happend to make it not be the right size in my obs and so i deactivated the roxio and reactivated it but it didnt fix it(like it usally does) so i figured i have to uninstall and reinstall to my pc but now it wont fully install and rolls back. i recently bought a new pc a few months ago and it doesnt have a cd drive(cyberpower pc pre built) so i downloaded the software from roxio and it was working fine but now since last night i cant re install it. ive looked at the forums and tried some stuff but idk how to read the log files. ive never had to deal with log files or this kind of stuff so any help would be appreciated LogFile 21-05-11 23-47.zip