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  1. I ended up contacting tech support and they told me I had to purchase the NEW version for the M1 chip.  Fortunately, Best Buy refunded my purchase.  They didn't have the version I needed so I purchased it directly from Roxio.  Once I had the correct version, it worked perfectly!  Super easy. 

  2. I just purchased Roxio easy VHS to DVD for Mac.  I have a new MacBook Air with the M1 chip.  I just realized that the System Requirements state that a Mac computer with in Intel processor is required. Does this mean I should return this device?

    Also, my MacBook Air comes with two thunderbolts, no USB 2.0 (a requirement), so I purchased an adaptor.  However, I just read on page 5 of the instructions that the USB device should be connected directly to your Mac, not through a USB hub.  Does this mean I can't use it if I have to use an adaptor to use the USB to the thunderbolt?  

    And lastly, assuming the first two issues can be overcome, my cable from my VCR ends in a male 10 pin plug; however the video plug on the usb adaptor is a female 4 pin.  Is there an adaptor that will connect the two?  I've searched but can't find one.  

    I'm sorry for all the questions.  I'm just so aggravated.  I should have read the system requirements better.  If this doesn't work, any suggestions on a product that will work with my laptop?  Thanks!