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  1. I've bought a new Roxio Easy VHS to DVD for Mac in April 2021 and tried digitizing a bunch of Hi8 and 8mm tapes on it and am experiencing lots of dropped frames on every one. Audio is clean and so is playback on the Sony camera I'm using. I'm using the Roxio Video Capture 4.1 (169) created on July 19, 2019 on a mid-2012 MacBook Pro running Mac OS 10.14.5 (Mojave). I'd appreciate any ideas or solutions. I learned after buying it that many others have experienced similar issues. The main thread I found was from 2009 where issues were resolved but 12 years later, the problem persists. I'd appreciate any insight. Thank you! A few more specs: Mid-2012 MacBook Pro Mac OS 10.14.5 (Mojave) - released May 13, 2019 2.3 GHz Intel Core i7 16 GB 1600 MHz DDR3 Intel HD Graphics 4000 1536 MB