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  1. Thanks.  I know it's not supported. And the message that sends me (and everyone else) is: "Roxio is not a reliable company which stands behind its products."  All Roxio would have to do is write a patch for the driver -- the work of one programmer for one day.  A very short-sighted corporate policy which creates a very negative brand image.

  2. I was saddled with the horrible Windows 10 when my hard drive crashed and had to be replaced. I lost the Roxio Photosuite Platinum 7 software that was on there.  I tracked down a copy of Roxio Photosuite Platinum 8 but it apparently won't run with the crap Windows 10. There doesn't seem to be any Roxio support for Photosuite software anymore. Does anyone know how to make Photosuite run with Windows 10?