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  1. Hello, When authoring a DVD's menus, how do you get a preview image for each menu/chapter tile (see attached). The program seems to do this randomly and there's no way to configure such a setting. I am continually amazed at how awful this program is, yet it is has been the best that I can find. Thanks.
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    Hello, I'm trying to author a DVD with menus. The menus have successfully been created in MyDVD, but do not appear on the finished disc. It just goes into playing the video. Menu buttons on the player (VLC) just restart the video from the beginning. Initially, I was receiving the "without_d3dx: vcpoverlays" error when editing the menus. Per the suggestions in another forum post, I switched to software rendering and that eliminated the messages. Still, no menus. The disc burns fine (thankfully). I can upload a dxdiag report, but it shows no problem. The video card (NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1660) is using the latest drivers which are digitally signed. Thoughts? Thank you