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    Convert .gi file to MP4?

    Thank you for your response. Either, ImgBurn does not work on this file or, I don't understand how to use Imgburn. I've tried "Write" and "Build" and neither works... I need to be able to convert the .GI file to MP4 or some other format and then burn to disc so I can either, play the video on a Windows computers CD/DVD player and/or, play the DVD in an older DVD player hooked to a TV. Thanks
  2. I was sent a video that was created in an earlier version of Roxio Creator (I believe it was created in v5 or v6.) The video has a .gi file extension. I cannot watch the video using Windows Media Player or VLC. I need to convert this video to a format that I can then burn to a CD/DVD and watch on a computer or TV using a DVD player. Every software I've tried so far cannot convert this file. Any suggestions? will a newer version of Roxio recognize this fie and allow me to convert it to MP4 or some other format that I can watch on a TV using a DVD player? I've already tried just cahnging the extension and that didn't work