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    Chroma key and tracks

    Have spent 3 hours on the net looking for simple explanations of how to perform the above actions. I have tried youtube and the forum. Still no luck. All I want to do (so far) is to remove the green background from a video i found on the net, then be able to move it around the screen. i.e. fly and zoom. Any help would be appreciated, as I am in Australia under covid lockdown, and slowly going nuts. THANX Normy.....
  2. normatmoe

    Chroma key and tracks

    Idiot factor. Put some time in and worked out chroma key. It works. Still working on moving my virus around my background and getting it to change size at the same time. THANX again, Normy......
  3. normatmoe

    Chroma key and tracks

    Hi bimicher, I downloaded the file from a free greenscreen site. The link, I have no idea off. I have tried to attach the file to this post. If not then it has been posted to youtube, at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0TCOq3IKTWs. Seems simple enough to do the green screen stuff, but I cannot make it work. As a test all I want to do is remove the green from the video. Then move the adjusted video from one side of my background to the other. Small image on left side, move it sideways and then expand it on the other. Easy to say but not easy for this dummy. Do not know if my Roxio Creator Pro 8 can do it. Would be disappointed if it cannot do it. Any help would be appreciated. THANX NORMAN............. Comp_7_1.mp4