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  1. Thanks for all the effort. I was afraid that a VM would be an issue with the extra layer of the host OS having the real drivers. I think Parallels has a better chance than VMware. We'll see. I'll get around to trying this or maybe even pull an old PC out of the basement, add a HD, load XP and see what happens. It might be awhile so don't stay up late waiting.
  2. Gosh, I'm sorry you had to put in so much time only to feel like you somehow failed. I'll give your suggestions a try. Do you think there's a chance I could read the CDs using a VM running XP and the original Roxio software? I have VMware Workstation on Win 10 and Parallels on an iMac. (Side story: I had an older CD written with unknown software. Win 10 said the CD was corrupt. Win 8.1 on my laptop showed a UDF reader by Adaptec. Running that didn't help. The iMac showed the full directories, and I was easily able to copy the entire backup to a flash drive. Unfortunately, the iMac was no help with the Roxio backups.)
  3. Sorry, I should have provided more info. The CD's are readable. What I see with Win 10 explorer is: a CD with the name UDFREADER Total size: 510 KB Free space: 0 bytes. a directory with three files: Autorun.inf 1KB UdfrChk.exe 40 KB udfrinst.zl 379 KB Disk Management shows one partition of 538 MB with a CDFS file system. There's a good chance that I did use D2D, but I can't be sure given the 15+ years of memory fade. I hope this helps.
  4. cdanteek: The CD's were created using Easy CD & DVD Creator 6. I don't know if that's the same as Direct CD. rickmarin: At this point, a viable option seems to be to create a virtual XP and try the old software. I would prefer if there was a simple downloadable reader that would work on Win 10.
  5. I have a registered copy of Easy CD & DVD Creator 6.1 Basic, DVD Edition. I have several CD's which contain backups made well over 10 years ago, and I am now three computers and OS's past the Win XP system I was using then. ) I have the original Roxio CD, but I doubt if it will install on my current Windows 10 Pro (64 bit) system. All I want is to be able to retrieve the files from these CD's. I tried downloading and running updateudfreader_7.exe and it said it installed successfully but did not appear to make any difference. Any suggestions?
  6. Please ignore. Moved to:  "Easy CD and DVD Creator 6" forum as "Need to retrieve files from CD made with Ver 6".