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    Capacity Problem with Toast DVD

    Greetings, all. Hoping someone can help me sort this out. I am trying to burn a master DVD which will consist of three separate videos that are 52 minutes, 66 minutes and 67 minutes long for a total of 3 hrs, 6 minutes of video. I have compressed the three (720p) videos using Handbrake so that the three files TOTAL about 2.8 GB. I'm using standard 4.7GB DVD-R discs and I'm on a Mac Pro desktop running the Mojave OS. Toast will not burn these three videos onto a single DVD, says that the video exceeds the capacity of the disc. How can I get around this and get all three of these vids onto a single disc? I'm using Toast DVD currently, would my problem be solved if I upgraded to Toast 19 Titanium or other product? Thank you!