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    Windows 11 compatibility

    I have already reached out to support. Still waiting for a response. I initiated the post here to give people a heads up, and provide positive feedback that they are not alone waiting for a fix. I do appreciate your feedback though. It helps to see that the boards are active with participation.
  2. BrianProgrammer

    Windows 11 compatibility

    @tbrewst, I have a brand new Surface 8, I7, 32GB Ram, 1 TB Drive, unmodified, untweaked. No TPM mods. The only oddity is that I load Visual Studio into my computer, as I author training videos for my company's use.
  3. Apparently, the latest version is not fully compatible with Windows 11. This is a fellow user heads up for those debating buying or upgrading to Windows 11; you may want to wait for an update to come out. Since I already have windows 11 on my computer, I'll be patient for the update. I don't want other people to have to wait with me.