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    Creator NXT 8 will not run on Windows 11

    Thanks Brendon!!!
  2. I installed Creator NXT 8 on my PC running Windows 11. Every time I try to open it I get a dialog box that says This app cannot run on this device. I then tried to install it on yet another device running Windows 11. This time after the install it prompted me to install an update called Service Pack 4, or SP4. I installed it and Creator opens fine on that PC. But no matter what I try Creator will not open on THIS PC, and there is no prompt to download and install the service pack. I googled Creator Service Pack 4 and even searched the Roxio website and found nothing. This seems to be the cure to the problem, but I cannot find this anywhere. Roxio support has been a complete waste.
  3. josephblow

    Windows 11 compatibility

    I'm getting the exact same message on a Surface Laptop 4 upgraded to Windows 11. And I also have a new Surface Pro 8 but I haven't tried installing on that device yet. I'm with you, it has to be a known issue. But I also suspect that Windows 11 coupled with Surface devices might be an issue as well. Glad I am not the only one.