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    Service Pack 3 notes?

    Interesting... they only have v2.0 available for download, and on first run, it offers SP2.1 for download. No sign of 3.0 anywhere, though. I'm having a hard time trying to get this thing to work on Windows 10 (constant BSODs). I wonder if the 3.0 would have included some updated drivers...
  2. Has someone actually managed to get this thing to work on Windows 10? I've tried it on three Windows machines now with HDMI input, and none of them worked. 1. The first computer never recognized the HDMI input. The (incredibly slow) Roxio Capture software just said "No signal", so I never got to the BSOD part that plagued the other systems 2. The second computer was SOMETIMES able to capture max two minutes until I got a BSOD. Usually the BSOD came in seconds. 3. The third system never got any signal, but still the driver managed to crash the system after a couple of minutes of trying. I also tried capturing with OBS studio, but the results we (obviously) the same, as this must be a driver issue. I can't believe they're still marketing this stupid brick, as it clearly is NOT a functioning product. At least on Windows, maybe the Mac drivers are better.