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    Popcorn 3 will not launch

    You are not the only one. #$^@ bad timing too. I have a project due. > I installed 3.0.2, disconnected firewire, no Xvid. I start Popcorn and select an image file containing a DVD image and see the beachball - then Popcorn dies. Can someone explain to me why MountIt can't just mount a .IMG file? Can I just rename the extension of the DVD burn image to something MountIt understands?
  2. jaeger bob

    Widescreen truncated

    I have the same problem going to iPod. Here's the deal and I hope Roxio fixes this. My Video recorder has a widescreen mode that really just records a letterbox format in 4:3 format. On an iPod, you can switch Widescreen modes (On/Off) and basically "ZOOM/CROP" a widescreen movie to 4:3 and fill the iPod screen with Widescreen Off. To use this feature you have to have a widescreen format like 640x272. (Cinemascope). Here's the defect bit, when Popcorn 2 is encoding, it retains the movie's format 640x272 but is changing the image aspect ratio to 4:3. This squeezes the image leaving black bars on left and right. This creates a useless file. Roxio, please preserve the movie size and aspect ratio when encoding files. It should solve the problem for everyone.