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    .bin / .cue files

    Thanks will it burn as data or video...this one file has 3 CD files but whoever created them made them 800 mg each so I have to either burn them as data or find away to join them (or do them on 3 seperate DVDs?) Thanks
  2. peterwalsh99

    .bin / .cue files

    Can anyone help me out with burning these files...Ideally I'd like to burn them as video but as it stands I can't even get them to burn as data...they are clogging up my hard dive big time and its now come down to finding a solution or deleting. I'm talking both DVD and CD...thanks (i'm using 10.4.6 and toast 7.0.2)
  3. peterwalsh99

    Converting Data Dvd To Cds

    Hi, I have 6 or so Macs of differing ages. One of my older ones is a Ruby Imac. I wish to upgrade its operating system from 10.2 to 10.3. The problem I have is that I only have 10.3 on DVD and 'Ruby' doesn't read DVDs. Is there any way (third party program??) to convert the DVD to CDs. The Mac I'll do it on is a G5 so it has a super drive and heaps of Juice....thanks.