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    Spin Doctor 3.1s and Firewire Solo

    UPDATE... Problem solved! I "talked" with Roxann and it said something about Spin Doctor 2 that led to a solution to my issue. Spin Doctor 3.1 does support my Firewire solo but I had it set up incorrectly in my OS (10.4.7). For users trying to set up Spin Doctor to work with a firewire device here's what I had to do: - On the M-Audio control panel I set the core audio device to "show stereo pairs as devices". - Additional options appeared for the input device In Spin Doctor 3.1. I selected "Firewire Solo Analog 1/2" as the input device and it provided a compatible format of 48kHz at 24 bits in stereo. I suspect other manufacturers provide similar options for their drivers. Charles Bandla
  2. charles bandla

    Spin Doctor 3.1s and Firewire Solo

    The Spin Doctor page led me to expect otherwise: "Supports USB and Firewire external audio devices such as Griffin iMic and iSight camera" Charles Bandla
  3. charles bandla

    Spin Doctor 3.1s and Firewire Solo

    I purchased Spin Doctor 3.1s to use to digitize some LPs with my 17" iMac core duo (os 10.4.7). The product description says that it is compatible with USB and Firewire audio devices but I can't find information about getting it to recognize my M-Audio Firewire Solo interface. I've made sure I've got the latest driver but when I start a new recording session in Spin Doctor it offers the device as a selection option but says there are "No Compatible Formats Found" and the recording controls are greyed out. I've successfuly used it with the built in input but I'd rather use the M-Audio device. Can someon point me to a solution? Thanks in advance, Charles Bandla