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  1. How do I change the duration of ALL my transitions of a production when I have a variety of transitions with the Random Transitions feature .... without changing the transition effect on each panel? And without having to go into EACH and EVERY transition manually? I was able to do this without any problems in EMC 7.5 Here's what I run into when I try in 9.0: When I Apply Transition Theme, I select Random. There is no option to select duration. After I select Random, the default is 1 second on each. If I go into a transition panel and right click, there is a Set Transition Duration. This window not only has duration, but also transition effects. So if I change the duration, it changes ALL my transitions to that one transition effect that was selected. Then if I go back and Apply Transition Theme back to Random, it sets it back to 1 second again. Since I am doing a funeral video, I wanted the transitions to be nice and slow. How can I do this without going into 65 panels, one at a time?? I also couldn't find anyplace to set the default transition duration. I found the default setting for the photo panels, but not transition panels. It is very frustrating because it was such an easy thing to do in 7.5. Thanks in advance for your help. *************** I was able to turn the transition selection off in the Set Transition Duration Menu... I knew as soon as I would take the time to post something, I'd figure it out on my own. However, when I tried it again, I get an error that shuts down the software. Grrr. Still... at mininum, is there a way to change the default transition duration to something other than 1 second?**************
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    May I PM you as well? Actually, I already tried but was not successful, whether it be a full box or it is disabled. I ran across the same exact problem of not being able to get a S/N. No number was ever sent to my email. EDIT: (unnecessary info) Can someone here please help with the S/N number.... I cannot 'register the product' as stated above, because I have not purchased it nor have a trial activation code? THANKS A BUNCH. I really am interested in checking it out. There may just be another sale -IF I can see what it can do