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    Small Bug

    I saw it. My friend purchased it recently.
  2. Stas

    Small Bug

    1) How come the 2009's UI says that 40.9GB of 49.3GB = 62% (should be ~83%) and 44.5GB of 49.3GB = 67% (should be ~90%)?! The progress indicator is wrong, then! Or maybe it is based on the number of files completely processed, in which case it is misleading! Also, 49.3GB is too much for a BD disc (probably that's why the first picture has exclamation mark at the bottom). Max. size is ~46.6GB. 2) You were creating a BD image out of files, while I was creating a BD image of existing disc ("Copy" -> "Create Image"). 3) I'm not going to upgrade to Roxio 2009 anyway as I like 10's UI better. Will use it while it works. If it stops (e.g. under Windows 7), will switch to something else (perhaps, ImgBurn, as occasional burning and image creation is the only thing I use Roxio for these days). Those numbers are cursed. This is what the movie says.
  3. Stas

    Small Bug

    I think I have already posted everything I know about this problem. I can only add 2 pictures for illustration: UI Right Before 41GB (the progress bar is present): UI Right After 41GB (the progress bar is NOT present): (Please click images to enlarge) I think only Roxio's programmers can help with this if they open the source code, find the bug, fix it, compile, test, then create a patch etc. etc. But this series of events sounds extremely unlikely. Partly because it really is just a small UI bug which does not affect functionality. The program does not crash and successfully completes image creation task.
  4. Stas

    Small Bug

    > I guess you really meant MyDVD? No. Home Program (the one you created screenshot of) -> Copy -> Create Image. I select .iso as file type. > You have the latest update and I doubt you will ever see another… This is what I thought. Thanks anyway.
  5. Stas

    Small Bug

    Hello, There is a small issue with Roxio EMC10's main program. When I create an image of large (> 40GB) Blu-ray disc, the green progress bar disappears when the program reaches 41GB or so. The process of image creation continues and successfully finishes though. I'm running version 10.1.226 (the latest update downloaded from this site) on 32-bit Vista. Not a big deal, but still... Is there a more recent update to this program, by any chance? Thanks.
  6. Stas

    Better Together

    Saw this on Amazon today: Could not resist to make a screenshot and post it here.
  7. Stas


    I think, not really. They just have to release a new version each year, in September. There will be Roxio 11 in September 2008 if Roxio is doing well at that time. The quality of new version, how different it is from previous one and what happens to users of previous versions are all different questions...
  8. Stas


    Hi Everyone, Just for your information, Roxio 10 is now available for preorder on Amazon.com: Roxio Easy Media Creator Suite 10 Roxio Easy Media Creator 10 Deluxe Availability: This item will be released on September 20, 2007. Pre-order now! Ships from and sold by Amazon.com. Gift-wrap available. Nero 8 is available for preorder as well: Nero 8 Ultra Edition Availability: This item will be released on September 1, 2007. I guess those who are waiting for The Patch will especially like this news. Best Regards.
  9. The link was found on DELL's site here. But if you read this DELL's article carefully, you will realise that it doesn't mention anywhere that the program was created specially for DELL or Vista. What it says: Microsoft Windows Vista may report that Sonic Drive Letter Access (a.k.a. Roxio Drag-to-Disc) is incompatible after Windows Vista starts. However, an update is now available for Windows Vista compatibility. And later: Click the Roxio Drag-to-Disc Download link. The File Download window appears. So it refers to this program as "Roxio Drag-to-Disc Download". No mention that it is for DELL or for Vista. So I insist (and my experience confirms this) that this program is a standalone installer for "Roxio Drag-to-Disc 9" which fixes lots of bugs present in original version shipped with EMC9 (including Vista incompatibility and BSODs). You can see the content of d2d3290.exe by opening it in WinRar. You will then see that the content of this file is the same as the content of D2D32_90 folder of EMC9 installation CD. If you do not believe me, ask developers from Sonic/Roxio. They do not seem to inform you well on this subject (as well as others). The link will actually help to everyone who uses Drag-to-Disc and experienses problems with it, i.e. BSODs. So far the only thing you were able to tell those people was to stop using Drag-to-Disc and uninstall it completely from a computer, which is not a constructive advice at all. And now that someone (not me) found a real solution which really works you are trying to downplay it as much as you can for reasons I do not understand at all. If you do not like Packet-Writing software, you are entitled to have this opinion, but you are here not to express your personal opinions on various subjects, but to help people in solving problems.
  10. It is for XP as well. (Perfectly works for me.) The patch will ask to uninstall any older versions if it detects them. If one needs D2D functionality with no crashes he will get it with this patch. If not, then uninstall is the way to go.
  11. Indeed there IS an update here: http://docs.roxio.com/patches/d2d3290.exe
  12. Stas

    Drag to Disc Roxio 9 and vista

    Install this patch for D2D: http://docs.roxio.com/patches/d2d3290.exe
  13. Stas

    Drag To Disk Crashes

    Hi James, This program seems to be just a standalone installer for D2D. The executable is just an archive. If you have a WinRar or similar program, right click on the executable, and in WinRar menu select "Open With WinRar". You will see what's inside. You can also extract all the files to a separate folder and run setup from there. You will see that there is nothing Dell-specific there. Just updated version of D2D 9. I was able to install it on XP (Compaq laptop) and Vista (Sony laptop). BTW, despite my initial excitement about burning applications in Vista they do not seem to be good at all. If you create a 'Mastered' disc, you need twice as much free space as the amount of data you are going to write. Also when it writes VIDEO_TS folders, it ignores the information in .IFO files. Recording program shoud either place files on DVD according to what it reads from .IFO files (as RecordNow, aka 'Home' does), or alter .IFO files to reflect file positions on disc (as other programs do, e.g. ImgBurn). Microsoft's software doesn't do either, so DVD players do not recognize the resulting disc. . Packet writing seems to be OK (no BSOD, which is already good), but when it formats DVD+RW disc, you only get about 4 GB of space, while D2D gives you 4.3 GB. So it looks like Roxio will stay for the time being.
  14. Stas

    Drag-to-Disk Says Recorder is Busy

    Try this update, it might help (no guarantee, though): http://docs.roxio.com/patches/d2d3290.exe
  15. Stas

    Drag To Disk Crashes

    Hi mikeuk, Roxio has finally created an update patch for D2D9, and published it on a Dell website here. This is the direct link: http://docs.roxio.com/patches/d2d3290.exe You can read the whole story on this thread: http://forums.support.roxio.com/index.php?showtopic=16911 This patch should fix BSOD problem. The program can also be used as a standalone installer for D2D, it seems. It even works on Vista. I think someone shold publish this link in "Software Updates" or in "Tips And Tricks" section in a thread about D2D.