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    How do I convert MP3 files to AIFF to burn audio CD?

    Good evening. I need to make some audio CDs from MP3 files. There seems to be no information about this in the user's manual. Can anybody help? Thanks for your time.
  2. arnold.b.hawk@valley.net

    How to hookup Mac for HDMI/BLU-RAY disc burn?

    (G4 PowerBook 1.67 mHz running OS 10.4.11) Good morning. This may be a "simple" question, BUT: How do I get a HD signal via HDMI output of HD satellite receiver into my Mac - and then HD signal out again to the external Blu-Ray burner? Does the Mac just pass through the HD signal? If so, what cables are needed for the standard Mac connectors? Is all the onboard editing with Toast 10 kept in strictly HD format? Thanks for your time.
  3. arnold.b.hawk@valley.net

    Toast 5.1.2 Updated

    Good day. Could I get a copy too? Thank you for your help!
  4. arnold.b.hawk@valley.net

    very basic and complete Spin Doctor procedure for LP's ?

    Greeetings. The printed manual is moot on Spin Doctor, and I am unable to print the "help" sections from the online help for Spin Doctor. Is there any source for reliable and complete Spin Doctor use procedure? "An analog mind stuck in a digital world!" Thanks for your time!
  5. arnold.b.hawk@valley.net

    Direct capture of streaming audio with Toast 7 ?

    Greetings. Can I capture streaming audio content with Toast 7 directly, or do I need to go through a utulity like Audio HiJeck Pro or WireTap Pro ? If so, what are the gritty details? Thanks for your time.
  6. Greetings. Is there a easy way to capture streaming audio content with Toast 5 Titanium in classic OS 9 ? There are several utilities that allow capture in OS X, but I would still like to use OS 9 if possible. Thanks for your time!